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Title: Lamp bulb with integral reflector

An improved electrodeless discharge lamp bulb includes an integral ceramic reflector as a portion of the bulb envelope. The bulb envelope further includes two pieces, a reflector portion or segment is cast quartz ceramic and a light transmissive portion is a clear fused silica. In one embodiment, the cast quartz ceramic segment includes heat sink fins or stubs providing an increased outside surface area to dissipate internal heat. In another embodiment, the quartz ceramic segment includes an outside surface fused to eliminate gas permeation by polishing.
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  1. (Silver Spring, MD)
  2. (Gaithersburg, MD)
  3. (Wheaton, MD)
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US 6181054
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Fusion Lighting, Inc., Rockville, MD (United States)
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United States
lamp; bulb; integral; reflector; improved; electrodeless; discharge; ceramic; portion; envelope; pieces; segment; cast; quartz; light; transmissive; fused; silica; embodiment; heat; sink; fins; stubs; providing; increased; outside; surface; dissipate; internal; eliminate; gas; permeation; polishing; fused silica; outside surface; discharge lamp; heat sink; light transmissive; ceramic segment; improved electrode; internal heat; bulb envelope; lamp bulb; electrodeless discharge; /313/