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Title: Miniature reaction chamber and devices incorporating same

The present invention generally relates to miniaturized devices for carrying out and controlling chemical reactions and analyses. In particular, the present invention provides devices which have miniature temperature controlled reaction chambers for carrying out a variety of synthetic and diagnostic applications, such as PCR amplification, nucleic acid hybridization, chemical labeling, nucleic acid fragmentation and the like.
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US 6132580
US patent application 08/535875
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University of California
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United States
miniature; reaction; chamber; devices; incorporating; relates; miniaturized; carrying; controlling; chemical; reactions; analyses; particular; provides; temperature; controlled; chambers; variety; synthetic; diagnostic; applications; pcr; amplification; nucleic; acid; hybridization; labeling; fragmentation; reaction chambers; temperature controlled; acid hybridization; temperature control; reaction chamber; nucleic acid; chemical reaction; chemical reactions; devices incorporating; diagnostic applications; acid fragment; controlled reaction; /204/435/