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Title: Crankshaft position sensing with combined starter alternator

A crankshaft position sensing apparatus for use with an engine (16) having a combined starter/alternator assembly (18). The crankshaft position sensing apparatus includes a tone ring (38) with a sensor (36) and bandpass filter (46), having a cylinder identification input from a camshaft sensor (48), and a gain limiter (54). The sensing apparatus mounts near the rotor (30) of the combined starter/alternator assembly (18). The filtered crankshaft position signal can then be input into a vehicle system controller (58) and an inner loop controller (60). The starter/alternator assembly (18) in combination with an internal combustion engine is particularly useful for a hybrid electric vehicle system.
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  1. (Plymouth, MI)
  2. (Saline, MI)
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US 6073713
US patent application 09/048,170
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AC36-83CH10093; ZCB-4-13032-02
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Midwest Research Institute
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United States
crankshaft; position; sensing; combined; starter; alternator; apparatus; engine; 16; assembly; 18; tone; 38; sensor; 36; bandpass; filter; 46; cylinder; identification; input; camshaft; 48; limiter; 54; mounts; near; rotor; 30; filtered; signal; vehicle; controller; 58; inner; loop; 60; combination; internal; combustion; particularly; useful; hybrid; electric; position sensing; bandpass filter; electric vehicle; internal combustion; particularly useful; combustion engine; hybrid electric; pass filter; sensing apparatus; combined starter; crankshaft position; alternator assembly; position signal; loop control; shaft position; /180/701/