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Title: Lithium ion conducting electrolytes

The present invention relates generally to highly conductive alkali-metal ion non-crystalline electrolyte systems, and more particularly to novel and unique molten (liquid), rubbery, and solid electrolyte systems which are especially well suited for use with high current density electrolytic cells such as primary and secondary batteries.
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  1. (Mesa, AZ)
  2. (Midland, MI)
  3. (Montgomery Village, MD)
  4. (Tucson, AZ)
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US 5962169
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Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ (United States)
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United States
lithium; conducting; electrolytes; relates; highly; conductive; alkali-metal; non-crystalline; electrolyte; systems; particularly; novel; unique; molten; liquid; rubbery; solid; electrolyte; systems; especially; suited; current; density; electrolytic; cells; primary; secondary; batteries; secondary batteries; conducting electrolyte; electrolytic cells; highly conductive; current density; electrolytic cell; solid electrolyte; electrolyte systems; electrolyte systems; conducting electrolytes /429/