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Title: Process and apparatus for the production of BI-213 cations

A process for producing substantially impurity-free Bi-213 cations is disclosed. An aqueous acid feed solution containing Ac-225 cations is contacted with an ion exchange medium to bind the Ac-225 cations and form an Ac-225-laden ion exchange medium. The bound Ac-225 incubates on the ion exchange medium to form Bi-213 cations by radioactive decay. The Bi-213 cations are then recovered from the Ac-225-laden ion exchange medium to form a substantially impurity-free aqueous Bi-213 cation acid solution. An apparatus for carrying out this process is also disclosed.
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US 5854968
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
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United States
process; apparatus; production; bi-213; cations; producing; substantially; impurity-free; disclosed; aqueous; acid; feed; solution; containing; ac-225; contacted; exchange; medium; bind; form; ac-225-laden; bound; incubates; radioactive; decay; recovered; cation; carrying; aqueous acid; feed solution; acid solution; solution containing; radioactive decay; exchange medium; producing substantially; bi-213 cations; cation acid; /423/210/250/