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Title: Removable feedwater sparger assembly

A removable feedwater sparger assembly includes a sparger having an inlet pipe disposed in flow communication with the outlet end of a supply pipe. A tubular coupling includes an annular band fixedly joined to the sparger inlet pipe and a plurality of fingers extending from the band which are removably joined to a retention flange extending from the supply pipe for maintaining the sparger inlet pipe in flow communication with the supply pipe. The fingers are elastically deflectable for allowing engagement of the sparger inlet pipe with the supply pipe and for disengagement therewith.
  1. (Livermore, CA)
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US 5353319
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General Electric Co
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United States
removable; feedwater; sparger; assembly; inlet; pipe; disposed; flow; communication; outlet; supply; tubular; coupling; annular; band; fixedly; joined; plurality; fingers; extending; removably; retention; flange; maintaining; elastically; deflectable; allowing; engagement; disengagement; therewith; supply pipe; flow communication; annular band; sparger assembly; removable feedwater; tubular coupling; fixedly joined; feedwater sparger; /376/