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Title: Method of preparing corrosion resistant composite materials

Method of manufacture of ceramic materials which require stability in severely-corrosive environment having high alkali-metal activity, high sulfur/sulfide activity and/or molten halides at temperatures of C. or organic salt (including SO.sub.2 and SO.sub.2 Cl.sub.2) at temperatures of C. These surfide ceramics form stoichiometric (single-phase) compounds with sulfides of Ca, Li, Na, K, Al, Mg, Si, Y, La, Ce, Ga, Ba, Zr and Sr and show melting-points that are sufficiently low and have excellent wettability with many metals (Fe, Ni, Mo) to easily form metal/ceramic seals. Ceramic compositions are also formulated to adequately match thermal expansion coefficient of adjacent metal components.
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US 5194298
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
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United States
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