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Title: Fiber optically isolated and remotely stabilized data transmission system

A fiber optically isolated and remotely stabilized data transmission system s described wherein optical data may be transmitted over an optical data fiber from a remote source which includes a data transmitter and a power supply at the remote source. The transmitter may be remotely calibrated and stabilized via an optical control fiber, and the power source may be remotely cycled between duty and standby modes via an optical control fiber.
  1. (Santa Barbara, CA)
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US 5162935
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EG & G Energy Measurements Inc
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United States
fiber; optically; isolated; remotely; stabilized; data; transmission; described; optical; transmitted; remote; source; transmitter; power; supply; calibrated; via; control; cycled; duty; standby; modes; optical data; optical control; data transmission; power source; fiber optic; power supply; optically isolated; remote source; remotely stabilized; fiber optically; stabilized data; /359/250/