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Title: Swipe transfer assembly

The swipe transfer assembly is a mechanical assembly which is used in conjunction with glove boxes and other sealed containments. It is used to pass small samples into or out of glove boxes without an open breach of the containment, and includes a rotational cylinder inside a fixed cylinder, the inside cylinder being rotatable through an arc of approximately relative to the outer cylinder. An offset of from end to end allows only one port to be opened at a time. The assembly is made of stainless steel or aluminum and clear acrylic plastic to enable visual observation. The assembly allows transfer of swipes and smears from radiological and other specially controlled environments.
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  1. (Blackfoot, ID)
  2. (McKeesport, PA)
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US 5131797
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swipe; transfer; assembly; mechanical; conjunction; glove; boxes; sealed; containments; pass; samples; breach; containment; rotational; cylinder; inside; fixed; rotatable; approximately; 240; degree; relative; outer; offset; 120; allows; time; stainless; steel; aluminum; acrylic; plastic; enable; visual; observation; swipes; smears; radiological; specially; controlled; environments; outer cylinder; assembly allows; glove box; stainless steel; controlled environment; visual observation; transfer assembly; sealed containment; mechanical assembly; glove boxes; swipe transfer; /414/49/109/232/