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Title: Method of preparing metallocene compounds

This invention describes a novel method of preparing metallocene compounds. The invention is based on synthesis of novel bis cyclopentadienides that, under appropriate conditions, will either encapsulate a transition metal to produce a metallocene such as ferrocene, or ferrocene derivative, or will yield a polymeric metallocene. Compounds produced by this process are useful as catalysts in propulsion systems, or as anti-knock compounds in gasolines.
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US 5124464
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United States
method; preparing; metallocene; compounds; describes; novel; based; synthesis; bis; cyclopentadienides; appropriate; conditions; encapsulate; transition; metal; produce; ferrocene; derivative; yield; polymeric; produced; process; useful; catalysts; propulsion; systems; anti-knock; gasolines; preparing metal; transition metal; novel method; appropriate conditions; metallocene compounds; compounds produced; propulsion systems; preparing metallocene; /999/528/585/