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Title: Explosion suppression system

An explosion suppression system and triggering apparatus therefor are provided for quenching gas and dust explosions. An electrically actuated suppression mechanism which dispenses an extinguishing agent into the path ahead of the propagating flame is actuated by a triggering device which is light powered. This triggering device is located upstream of the propagating flame and converts light from the flame to an electrical actuation signal. A pressure arming device electrically connects the triggering device to the suppression device only when the explosion is sensed by a further characteristic thereof beside the flame such as the pioneer pressure wave. The light powered triggering device includes a solar panel which is disposed in the path of the explosion and oriented between horizontally downward and vertical. Testing mechanisms are also preferably provided to test the operation of the solar panel and detonator as well as the pressure arming mechanism.
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  1. (Finleyville, PA)
  2. (Pittsburgh, PA)
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US 5119877
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National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV
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United States
explosion; suppression; triggering; apparatus; provided; quenching; gas; dust; explosions; electrically; actuated; mechanism; dispenses; extinguishing; agent; path; ahead; propagating; flame; device; light; powered; located; upstream; converts; electrical; actuation; signal; pressure; arming; connects; sensed; characteristic; beside; pioneer; wave; solar; panel; disposed; oriented; horizontally; downward; vertical; testing; mechanisms; preferably; operation; detonator; pressure wave; located upstream; preferably provided; electrically connects; electrically actuated; quenching gas; extinguishing agent; explosion suppression; /169/250/340/