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Title: Method and apparatus for measuring lung density by Compton backscattering

The density of the lung of a patient suffering from pulmonary edema is monitored by irradiating the lung by a single collimated beam of monochromatic photons and measuring the energies of photons Compton backscattered from the lung by a single high-resolution, high-purity germanium detector. A compact system geometry and a unique data extraction scheme are utilized to monimize systematic errors due to the presence of the chestwall and multiple scattering.
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US 5003980
US patent application 07/470,420
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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United States
method; apparatus; measuring; lung; density; compton; backscattering; patient; suffering; pulmonary; edema; monitored; irradiating; single; collimated; beam; monochromatic; photons; energies; backscattered; high-resolution; high-purity; germanium; detector; compact; geometry; unique; data; extraction; scheme; utilized; monimize; systematic; errors; due; presence; chestwall; multiple; scattering; compton backscattered; collimated beam; errors due; germanium detector; monochromatic photons; /600/378/