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Title: Multichannel optical sensing device

A multichannel optical sensing device is disclosed, for measuring the outr sky luminance or illuminance or the luminance or illuminance distribution in a room, comprising a plurality of light receptors, an optical shutter matrix including a plurality of liquid crystal optical shutter elements operable by electrical control signals between light transmitting and light stopping conditions, fiber optic elements connected between the receptors and the shutter elements, a microprocessor based programmable control unit for selectively supplying control signals to the optical shutter elements in a programmable sequence, a photodetector including an optical integrating spherical chamber having an input port for receiving the light from the shutter matrix and at least one detector element in the spherical chamber for producing output signals corresponding to the light, and output units for utilizing the output signals including a storage unit having a control connection to the microprocessor based programmable control unit for storing the output signals under the sequence control of the programmable control unit.
  1. (Piedmont, CA)
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US 4915500
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA
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United States
multichannel; optical; sensing; device; disclosed; measuring; outr; sky; luminance; illuminance; distribution; comprising; plurality; light; receptors; shutter; matrix; including; liquid; crystal; elements; operable; electrical; control; signals; transmitting; stopping; conditions; fiber; optic; connected; microprocessor; based; programmable; unit; selectively; supplying; sequence; photodetector; integrating; spherical; chamber; input; receiving; detector; element; producing; output; corresponding; units; utilizing; storage; connection; storing; optical sensing; selectively supplying; output signals; control signal; fiber optic; output signal; sensing device; control signals; control unit; liquid crystal; signals corresponding; storage unit; light transmitting; detector element; photodetector including; elements connected; programmable control; sequence control; multichannel optical; optic element; optical integrating; detector including; channel optical; /356/