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Title: Method and composition for molding low density desiccant syntactic foam articles

A method and a composition are provided for molding low density desiccant syntactic foam articles. A low density molded desiccant article may be made as a syntactic foam by blending a thermosetting resin, microspheres and molecular sieve desiccant powder, molding and curing. Such articles have densities of 0.2-0.9 g/cc, moisture capacities of 1-12% by weight, and can serve as light weight structural supports.
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  1. (Bonner Springs, KS)
  2. (Lee's Summit, MO)
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US 4447565
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Kansas City Plant (KCP), Kansas City, MO (United States)
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United States
method; composition; molding; density; desiccant; syntactic; foam; articles; provided; molded; article; blending; thermosetting; resin; microspheres; molecular; sieve; powder; curing; densities; 2-0; cc; moisture; capacities; 1-12; weight; serve; light; structural; supports; light weight; structural support; thermosetting resin; molecular sieve; syntactic foam; foam articles; density desiccant; desiccant syntactic; /523/264/428/521/