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Title: Bulk material handling system

This disclosure relates to a bulk material handling system particularly adapted for underground mining and includes a monorail supported overhead and carrying a plurality of conveyors each having input and output end portions with the output end portion of a first of the conveyors positioned above an input end portion of a second of the conveyors, a device for imparting motion to the conveyors to move the material from the input end portions toward the output end portions thereof, a device for supporting at least one of the input and output end portions of the first and second conveyors from the monorail, and the supporting device including a plurality of trolleys rollingly supported by the monorail whereby the conveyors can be readily moved therealong.
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  1. (Wexford, PA)
  2. (New Stanton, PA)
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US 4159757
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National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV
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United States
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