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Title: Corrosion of Titanium Matrix Composites

The corrosion behavior of unalloyed Ti and titanium matrix composites containing up to 20 vol% of TiC or TiB{sub 2} was determined in deaerated 2 wt% HCl at 50, 70, and 90 degrees C. Corrosion rates were calculated from corrosion currents determined by extrapolation of the tafel slopes. All curves exhibited active-passive behavior but no transpassive region. Corrosion rates for Ti + TiC composites were similar to those for unalloyed Ti except at 90 degrees C where the composites were slightly higher. Corrosion rates for Ti + TiB{sub 2} composites were generally higher than those for unalloyed Ti and increased with higher concentrations of TiB{sub 2}. XRD and SEM-EDS analyses showed that the TiC reinforcement did not react with the Ti matrix during fabrication while the TiB{sub 2} reacted to form a TiB phase.
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TRN: US200603%%90
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Conference: 15th International Corrosion Congress, Granada, Spain, Sept. 22-27, 2002 (sponsored by ICC--International Corrosion Congress)
Viajes Iberia Congresos, San Bernardo, 20-6 planta, 28015 Madrid, Spain
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Albany Research Center (ARC), Albany, OR
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USDOE Office of Fossil Energy (FE)
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; CORROSION; EXTRAPOLATION; FABRICATION; TITANIUM; X-RAY DIFFRACTION titanium; composite; particulate; titanium carbide; titanium diboride