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Title: Future Directions in Air Quality Research: Ecological, Atmospheric, Regulatory/Policy/Economic, and Educational Issues. Special Issue, Environment International, Elsevier, Volume 29, Numbers 2-3, June 2003

Proceedings of the Conference covered all of the subjects listed in the above key words. The Proceedings contain over 30 articles from an international audience.
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Conference: Title: Future Directions in Air Quality Resarch: Ecological, Atmosheric, Regulatory/ Policy/ Economic, and Educational Issues Location: Research Triangle Park, NC, USA Dates: February 12-15, 2001 Sponsoring Organization: North Carolina State University Dates:
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Walter W. Heck/North Carolina State University
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USDOE Office of Science and Technology (OST) (EM-50);
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United States
54 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; AIR QUALITY; CARBON DIOXIDE; OZONE; NITROGEN; ECONOMICS; EDUCATION Air Quality; Ecological; Atmospheric; Regulatory; Policy; Economic; Education; Ozone; Nitrogen; Carbon Dioxide