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Title: Yakima Fish Passage : Phase II : Fish Screen Construction.

Accomplishments in 2001--2002 were spotty and limited due primarily to right-of-way problems at several sites and unanticipated changes in scope at some sites. Changes in BPA funding procedures have also impacted our ability to accomplish previously scheduled work. The following is a brief summary of work accomplished and scheduled at the remaining Phase II sites. (1) Selah-Moxee Fish Screen--Construction at this site was started in October 2001 and was completed in March 2002. We have settled the contractor claims and have closed out the construction contract. The O&M Agreement with the irrigation district was also completed in 2002. Work remains to complete the Designer's Operating Criteria. (2) Scott Fish Screen--Considerable effort was spent in 2001 and 2002 to try to resolve right-of-way issues at this site. However, these problems proved to be insurmountable, and this site has been dropped from the Phase n Program. The only thing remaining on Scott (as far as the Phase n program is concerned) is to prepare a brief wrap-up report to send to all interested parties to summarize what has been done and to explain the status of the diversion from a fish passage standpoint. (3) Packwood Fish Screen--Designs and specifications for the civilmore » works were completed for this screen in 2002. The screen, screen cleaner, and other metal work have already been fabricated by WDFW Screen Shop. Award of a construction contract was scheduled for September 2002. The BP A lands staff has experienced significant delays in obtaining an easement from the state of Washington for a piece of the John Wayne Trail right-of-way currently occupied by the existing screen. As a result, the construction contract has been rescheduled for award in the fall of 2003. We are ready to proceed with construction if BP A can obtain the necessary easements by May 2003. (4) Fogarty Fish Screen--We opened bids on this site in August, 2002. There was only one responsive bidder and the bid was nearly double our engineer's estimate. We canceled that solicitation, revised the specifications to eliminate some poorly defined work items and reissued the solicitation. We intended to award the revised contract in October 2002. In September 2002 at the request of the Technical Work Group (TWG), we canceled the revised Fogarty solicitation prior to bid opening. A new plan is being formulated by others to relocate the screen further down the ditch and to add other features to make the ditch more fish friendly for rearing. As a result of these significant changes in scope, this site has been dropped from the Phase n program. (5) Tjossem Fish Screen--We intended to complete predesign and design work at this site in FY2002 in anticipation of awarding a construction contract in the fall of 2003. However, the project has been delayed due to a proposal by TWO members to use the ditch for off channel rearing. The proposal would require relocation and redesign of the fish screen. Essentially no progress was made on screen design due to lack of a defined plan for use of the ditch for off-channel rearing. We are gathering additional data to help TWO members define the plan. If a plan can be formulated soon, it may be possible to build this screen in the fall of 2003. However, the changes in scope and timing for this project may result in the site being dropped from the Phase n program to be picked up by the Yakima Side Channels, YTAHP, or another program. (6) Naches-Cowiche Screen Bypass Outfall Mods--We have an on-going serious problem with bedload deposition in front of the Naches-Cowiche screen (an early Phase n site) bypass outfall. A fix at this site is beyond the scope of routine maintenance activities. As soon as our FY2003 funding amendment is approved, we will get an experienced river morphologist on-site to develop a conceptual plan which might include a rock weir, barbs, jetties, or other measures to correct the situation. We plan to implement this fix during the in-water work period in the summer of 2002.« less
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Other Information: PBD: 1 Mar 2003; Related Information: "Progress report 2001-2002."
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