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Title: A bio-hybrid anaerobic treatment of papaya processing wastes

Hybrid anaerobic treatment of papaya processing wastes is technically feasible. At 30/sup 0/C, the optimal organic loading rates for maximizing organic removal efficiency and methane production are 1.3 and 4.8 g TCOD/1/day, respectively. Elimination of post-handling and treatment of digested effluent can also be achieved. The system is more suitable for those processing plants with a waste amount of more than 3,000 metric tons per year.
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Conference: Winter meeting on standards and technology transfer: a global challenge, Chicago, IL, USA, 16 Dec 1986; Other Information: Technical Paper 86-6562
American Society of Agricultural Engineers,St. Joseph, MI
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United States
09 BIOMASS FUELS; 32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION; METHANE; PRODUCTION; PAPAYAS; ANAEROBIC DIGESTION; ECONOMIC ANALYSIS; EFFICIENCY; FEASIBILITY STUDIES; MEDIUM TEMPERATURE; ALKANES; BIOCONVERSION; DIGESTION; ECONOMICS; FOOD; FRUITS; HYDROCARBONS; MANAGEMENT; ORGANIC COMPOUNDS; PROCESSING; WASTE MANAGEMENT; WASTE PROCESSING 090122* -- Hydrocarbon Fuels-- Preparation from Wastes or Biomass-- (1976-1989); 140504 -- Solar Energy Conversion-- Biomass Production & Conversion-- (-1989); 320305 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Industrial & Agricultural Processes-- Industrial Waste Management