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Title: PACER revisited

This paper discusses a modified version of the PACER concept for power and nuclear material production, which changes the working fluid in the cavity from steam to the molten salt, LiF + BeF/sub 2/. In the PACER concept, a 20-kt peaceful nuclear explosion is contained in a cavity about 200 m in diameter, filled with 200 atm of 500/degree/C steam. Energy from the explosion is used to produce power, and the neutrons are used to produce materials such as /sup 233/U, Pu, /sup 60/Co, and T. The present idea is to modify the PACER concept in three ways, to improve the practicality, predictability, and safety of power production from this technology and thus improve public acceptance of this power source. These improvements are line the cavity with steel; replace the steam with molten salt; and reduce the explosive yield to about 2 kt. This concept is the only fusion power concept where the underlying technology is proven and in hand today. 9 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.
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UCRL-98468; CONF-881031-22
ON: DE89001723; TRN: 88-035723
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Conference: 8. topical meeting on technology of fusion energy, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 9 Oct 1988; Other Information: Portions of this document are illegible in microfiche products
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (USA)
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United States
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