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Title: Monitoring near refineries for airborne chemicals on the SARA Title 3 Section 313 list

This study provides an ambient air concentration perspective to the engineering estimates of petroleum refinery emissions required under SARA Title III Section 313. It presents and discusses ambient air concentrations of 25 selected target chemicals measured at and near the perimeter (fenceline) of three refineries. Measurements were made over three consecutive 24-hour sampling periods at each refinery. The extent to which the concentrations of the target chemicals were due to fugitive emissions from the refineries is estimated.
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Washington, DC (USA); American Petroleum Institute
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United States
02 PETROLEUM; 54 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; PETROLEUM REFINERIES; AIR POLLUTION MONITORING; POLLUTANTS; ECOLOGICAL CONCENTRATION; EMISSION; INDUSTRIAL PLANTS 020900* -- Petroleum-- Environmental Aspects; 540120 -- Environment, Atmospheric-- Chemicals Monitoring & Transport-- (1990-)