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Title: Conservation in the Arabian Gulf countries

In the Arabian Gulf region in general, and in Saudi Arabia in particular, demand for water in the agricultural, domestic, and industrial sectors has increased dramatically as a result of rapid development, and improved standard of living, and diversification of economic activity in agriculture and industry. This article presents an overview of supply and demand situations prevailing in the Arabian Gulf region and discusses various conventional and unconventional alternatives for meeting the growing demand for water. It also describes conservation measures and their socioeconomic effects.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Journal of the American Water Works Association; (USA); Journal Volume: 82:5
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United States
29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; 32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION; PERSIAN GULF; ENERGY CONSERVATION; SAUDI ARABIA; WATER; AGRICULTURE; DOMESTIC SUPPLIES; ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; INDUSTRY; SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS; STANDARD OF LIVING; SUPPLY AND DEMAND; ARABIAN SEA; ASIA; HYDROGEN COMPOUNDS; INDIAN OCEAN; INSTITUTIONAL FACTORS; OXYGEN COMPOUNDS; SEAS; SURFACE WATERS 290200* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Economics & Sociology; 320603 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Municipalities & Community Systems-- Public Utilities-- (1980-); 290400 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Energy Resources; 291000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Conservation