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Title: Proceedings of the Chinese-American symposium on energy markets and the future of energy demand

The Symposium was organized by the Energy Research Institute of the State Economic Commission of China, and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Johns Hopkins University from the United States. It was held at the Johns Hopkins University Nanjing Center in late June 1988. It was attended by about 15 Chinese and an equal number of US experts on various topics related to energy demand and supply. Each presenter is one of the best observers of the energy situation in their field. A Chinese and US speaker presented papers on each topic. In all, about 30 papers were presented over a period of two and one half days. Each paper was translated into English and Chinese. The Chinese papers provide an excellent overview of the emerging energy demand and supply situation in China and the obstacles the Chinese planners face in managing the expected increase in demand for energy. These are matched by papers that discuss the energy situation in the US and worldwide, and the implications of the changes in the world energy situation on both countries. The papers in Part 1 provide historical background and discuss future directions. The papers in Part 2 focus on the historical development ofmore » energy planning and policy in each country and the methodologies and tools used for projecting energy demand and supply. The papers in Part 3 examine the pattern of energy demand, the forces driving demand, and opportunities for energy conservation in each of the major sectors in China and the US. The papers in Part 4 deal with the outlook for global and Pacific region energy markets and the development of the oil and natural gas sector in China.« less
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Conference: Chinese/American symposium on energy markets and the future of energy demand, Nanjing, China, 22 Jun 1988; Other Information: Portions of this document are illegible in microfiche products
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29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; CHINA; ENERGY DEMAND; ENERGY POLICY; ENERGY SUPPLIES; USA; COMMERCIAL SECTOR; ENERGY CONSUMPTION; ENERGY MANAGEMENT; ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS; INDUSTRY; LEADING ABSTRACT; MARKET; MEETINGS; PRICES; PROCEEDINGS; RESIDENTIAL SECTOR; SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS; TRANSPORTATION SECTOR; ABSTRACTS; ASIA; DEMAND; DOCUMENT TYPES; GOVERNMENT POLICIES; INSTITUTIONAL FACTORS; MANAGEMENT; NORTH AMERICA 292000* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Supply, Demand & Forecasting; 293000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Policy, Legislation, & Regulation; 298000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Consumption & Utilization; 290200 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Economics & Sociology; 290300 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Environment, Health, & Safety