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Title: COXPRO-II: a computer program for calculating radiation and conduction heat transfer in irradiated fuel assemblies

This report describes the computer program COXPRO-II, which was written for performing thermal analyses of irradiated fuel assemblies in a gaseous environment with no forced cooling. The heat transfer modes within the fuel pin bundle are radiation exchange among fuel pin surfaces and conduction by the stagnant gas. The array of parallel cylindrical fuel pins may be enclosed by a metal wrapper or shroud. Heat is dissipated from the outer surface of the fuel pin assembly by radiation and convection. Both equilateral triangle and square fuel pin arrays can be analyzed. Steady-state and unsteady-state conditions are included. Temperatures predicted by the COXPRO-II code have been validated by comparing them with experimental
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ON: DE85005665
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Technical Report
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Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (USA)
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United States
11 NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE AND FUEL MATERIALS; 99 GENERAL AND MISCELLANEOUS//MATHEMATICS, COMPUTING, AND INFORMATION SCIENCE 050800* -- Nuclear Fuels-- Spent Fuels Reprocessing; 990200 -- Mathematics & Computers