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Title: Preliminary assessment of the health and environmental impacts of transporting M55 rockets from Lexington-Blue Grass Depot activity, Anniston Army depot, and Umatilla depot activity to alternative disposal facilities

This assessment discusses the potential health and environmental impacts of transporting M55 rockets filled with nerve agent GB or VX from various existing Army storage depots to alternative Army depots for disposal. The origin depots include Anniston Army Depot in Alabama, Lexington-Blue Grass Depot Activity in Kentucky, and Umatilla Depot Activity in Oregon. The destination depots include Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas, Tooele Army Depot in Utah, and the facility on Johnston Island in the central Pacific Ocean. This assessment considers the possible impacts of normal transport operations and of two postulated accident scenarios on the air quality, ground and surface water, aquatic ecology, terrestrial ecology, human health, and cultural and socioeconomic resources of the various transport corridors involved. The impacts of these scenarios are assessed for truck, train, and air transport for each orgin-destination pair. The analysis considers three basic scenario during transport: (1) normal operations with no atmospheric release of nerve agent; (2) a minor agent spill (the contents of one rocket being released to the biosphere); and (3) a worst-case accident involving the release of a large, specified quantity of nerve agent to the biosphere. The extremely low probabilities of such accidents, which are reported elsewhere, aremore » noted.« less
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ON: DE86008423
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Technical Report
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Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (USA)
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United States
63 RADIATION, THERMAL, AND OTHER ENVIRON. POLLUTANT EFFECTS ON LIVING ORGS. AND BIOL. MAT.; 54 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS; TRANSPORT; GAS SPILLS; ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS; HEALTH HAZARDS; ACCIDENTS; AIR QUALITY; ECONOMIC IMPACT; ROCKETS; SOCIAL IMPACT; TOXICITY; WATER QUALITY; ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY; HAZARDS; WEAPONS 560306* -- Chemicals Metabolism & Toxicology-- Man-- (-1987); 500200 -- Environment, Atmospheric-- Chemicals Monitoring & Transport-- (-1989); 520200 -- Environment, Aquatic-- Chemicals Monitoring & Transport-- (-1989); 510200 -- Environment, Terrestrial-- Chemicals Monitoring & Transport-- (-1989)