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Title: Environmental Assessment on the Proposed Near Term Intertie Access Policy.

The proposed Policy will govern access by all entities to BPA's portion of the Intertie. Assured Delivery will be provided for BPA firm sales and for other firm contracts of Pacific Northwest (PNW) utilities, if approved under the standards established by the Policy. Hourly access will be allocated among BPA and scheduling utilities, with priority access being reserved for the surplus power of PNW utilities. Capacity not needed for PNW surplus may be made available for extraregional utilities. The proposal will grant access to existing resources only, as did the Interim Policy. In addition to this limitation, the proposal carries the same provisions as the Interim Policy protecting against adverse effects on fish and wildlife due to operation of resources. Environmental analysis indicates that the proposal will have no significant environmental impacts, based on the following conclusions: (1) The proposal does not promote new resource development and thus does not result in associated environmental effects; (2) The total amount of generation in the PNW and Pacific Southwest (PSW) will not change as a result of the proposal; (3) Any changes in PNW hydrosystem operations will be insignificant; (4) There will be no significant environmental impacts from PNW thermal resource operationsmore » because: (a) the amount of additional thermal generation due to the policy, if any, will be small relative to total thermal generation; (b) resources will not be operated beyond levels which may occur in the absence of the proposal; (c) PNW thermal resources are regulated by licenses or permits which limit operations to acceptable ranges; and (d) PNW thermal will continue to be displaced by low cost NW and Canadian hydro; and (5) The proposal does not promote transmission development and thus does not result in associated environmental effects.« less
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ON: DE85008487
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Technical Report
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USDOE Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR. Office of Power and Resources Management
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United States
29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; BONNEVILLE POWER ADMINISTRATION; ENERGY POLICY; ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS; INTERCONNECTED POWER SYSTEMS; SURPLUS POWER; ELECTRIC POWER; ENERGY SYSTEMS; GOVERNMENT POLICIES; NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS; POWER; POWER SYSTEMS; US DOE; US ORGANIZATIONS Electric power systems; Interconnected electric utility systems 530200* -- Environmental-Social Aspects of Energy Technologies-- Assessment of Energy Technologies-- (-1989); 296000 -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Electric Power