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Title: Inspecting an ethylene pipe line

This paper reports on the Alberta Gas Ethylene Co. (AGEC), completion of intensive internal cleaning and inspection program on their 112-mi ethylene pipe line. AGEC operates two ethylene manufacturing facilities in central Alberta, Canada. The ethylene plants are located 12.4 mi east of Red Deer, Alta., at Joffre, and supply two customers in Joffre. The remaining ethylene is shipped by the 112-mi, 12-in. line to a storage cavern near Edmonton.
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  1. (Novacorp International Consulting, Inc., Edmonton (CA))
  2. (Alberta Gas Ethylene Co., Red Deer, Alberta (CA))
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Pipe Line Industry; (United States); Journal Volume: 74:7
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United States
42 ENGINEERING; 10 SYNTHETIC FUELS; ETHYLENE; PIPELINES; IN-SERVICE INSPECTION; CLEANING; ALKENES; HYDROCARBONS; INSPECTION; ORGANIC COMPOUNDS 420205* -- Engineering-- Transport & Storage Facilities-- (1980-); 100500 -- Synthetic Fuels-- Transport, Handling, & Storage-- (1990-)