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Title: CFC recycling system

This patent describes a method for recycling freon. It comprises attaching a freon removal valve to a freon supply located in an appliance such as an air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer or the like, positioning a substantially empty freon collecting vessel in gas flow relationship to the valve by providing the freon removal valve with a puncture needle extending upwardly and adapted to puncture a freon supply tubing in the appliance, below the puncture needle is positioned a spring means, and below the spring means is positioned a piercing means adapted to pierce a closure in the collecting vessel to thereby establish a gas passage means extending from the supply tube, through the needle, through the piercing means to the collecting vessel, collecting the freon thereby in the collecting vessel, providing a substantially gas-free sealing means on the collecting vessel to insure substantial total containment of the freon within the collecting vessel, and delivering the collecting vessel to a collection center for reuse and recycling of the freon.
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US 5025633; A
PPN: US 7-561342
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Patent File Date: 31 Jul 1990
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United States
32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION; COOLING SYSTEMS; DESIGN; FREONS; RECYCLING; ENERGY CONSERVATION; HALOGENATED ALIPHATIC HYDROCARBONS; ORGANIC COMPOUNDS; ORGANIC HALOGEN COMPOUNDS 320303* -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Industrial & Agricultural Processes-- Equipment & Processes; 320106 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Building Equipment-- (1987-)