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Title: Results from the Crystal Ball at DORIS II

Results are presented from studies of the inclusive photon spectra in hadronic decays of the UPSILON' and UPSILON and the exclusive channel UPSILON' ..-->.. ..gamma gamma..UPSILON ..-->.. ..cap alpha cap alpha..l/sup +/l/sup -/, by the Crystal Ball detector at DORIS II. We measure two signals in the UPSILON' ..-->.. ..gamma.. + anything inclusive channel at E(..gamma..) == 108.3 +- 0.9 +- 3.0 MeV and at E(..gamma..) == 127.5 +- 1.2 +- 4.0 MeV. Branching ratios obtained for these signals are: BR(UPSILON' ..-->.. ..gamma..(108) + anything) == (6.3 +- 1.3 +- 1.4)% BR(UPSILON' ..-->.. ..gamma..(128) + anything) == (6.0 +- 1.3 +- 1.4)%.
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ON: DE84002745
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Technical Report
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Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, CA (USA)
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United States
72 PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS; UPSILON-10000 RESONANCES; RADIATIVE DECAY; BRANCHING RATIO; DORIS STORAGE RING; EXPERIMENTAL DATA; HADRONIC PARTICLE DECAY; QUARKONIUM; UPSILON-9500 RESONANCES; BOSONS; DATA; DECAY; ELEMENTARY PARTICLES; HADRONS; INFORMATION; MESON RESONANCES; MESONS; NUMERICAL DATA; PARTICLE DECAY; RESONANCE PARTICLES; STORAGE RINGS; UPSILON RESONANCES 645101* -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Electromagnetic Interactions & Properties; 645102 -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Weak Interactions & Properties; 645104 -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Strong Meson-Induced Interactions-- (-1987)