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Title: Sun powers Libya cathodic-protection system

Well castings and part of the main 300-mile-long, 32-in diameter pipeline from Sarir to Tobruk are cathodically protected by solar power, which prevents galvanic action by applying an electric direct current of appropriate magnitude and polarity to the steel structures. They then act as cathodes and become the recipients of metallic ions. At each cathodic-protection station, the solar-generaor system consists of solar-panel arrays, electronic controls, and batteries.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Oil Gas J.; (United States); Journal Volume: 80:12
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Metals and Pipeline Endurance Ltd, Hertfordshire, Hitchin, Engl
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United States
14 SOLAR ENERGY; 02 PETROLEUM; 36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; PIPELINES; CATHODIC PROTECTION; SOLAR CELL ARRAYS; USES; CONTROL SYSTEMS; ELECTRIC BATTERIES; LIBYA; STEELS; AFRICA; ALLOYS; CORROSION PROTECTION; DEVELOPING COUNTRIES; ELECTROCHEMICAL CELLS; EQUIPMENT; IRON ALLOYS; IRON BASE ALLOYS; SOLAR EQUIPMENT 140909* -- Solar Thermal Utilization-- Miscellaneous Solar Applications-- (1980-); 022000 -- Petroleum-- Transport, Handling, & Storage; 020300 -- Petroleum-- Drilling & Production; 140501 -- Solar Energy Conversion-- Photovoltaic Conversion; 360105 -- Metals & Alloys-- Corrosion & Erosion