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Title: First wall for polarized fusion reactors

A first-wall or first-wall coating for use in a fusion reactor having polarized fuel may be formed of a low-Z non-metallic material having slow spin relaxation, i.e., a depolarization rate greater than 1 sec/sup -1/. Materials having these properties include hydrogenated and deuterated amorphous semiconductors. A method for preventing the rapid depolarization of a polarized plasma in a fusion device may comprise the step of providing a first-wall or first-wall coating formed of a low-Z, non-metallic material having a depolarization rate greater than 1 sec/sup -1/.
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Princeton Univ., NJ (USA)
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United States
70 PLASMA PHYSICS AND FUSION TECHNOLOGY; FIRST WALL; COATINGS; THERMONUCLEAR FUELS; POLARIZATION; SPIN ORIENTATION; FUELS; ORIENTATION; THERMONUCLEAR REACTOR WALLS 700201* -- Fusion Power Plant Technology-- Blanket Engineering; 700205 -- Fusion Power Plant Technology-- Fuel, Heating, & Injection Systems