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Title: Summary Report On Design And Development Of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Power Pile

This report presents a description of a design for an experimental nuclear power plant utilizing a high temperature gas-cooled power pile as the energy source. The plant consists of the pile, a heat exchanger or boiler, a conventional steam turbine generator and their associated auxiliaries. Helium gas under pressure transfers heat from the pile to the boiler which generates steam for driving the generator. The plant is rated at a normal output of 12,000 kilowatts of heat and an electrical output of 2400 kilowatts. Provision is made for operation up to 20,000 kilowatts of heat (4000 kilowatts of electrical output) in the event operation of the plants proves this possible.
  1. Clinton Labs., Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Technical Report
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Other Information: Decl. Feb. 27, 1957. Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-57
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Clinton Labs., Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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United States
71 CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS, GENERAL PHYSICS; BERYLLIUM MODERATOR; BERYLLIUM OXIDES; CONFIGURATION; COOLANT LOOPS; CYLINDERS; ELECTRICITY; FABRICATION; FUEL ELEMENTS; GAS COOLANT; GAS FLOW; GENERATORS; GRAPHITE MODERATOR; HEAT EXCHANGERS; HEAT TRANSFER; HELIUM; HIGH TEMPERATURE; MECHANICAL STRUCTURES; MODERATORS; PLANNING; POWER PLANTS; PRESSURE; REACTOR CORE; REACTOR SAFETY; STEAM; TEMPERATURE; THERMAL NEUTRONS; TURBINES; URANIUM; URANIUM 235 Beryllium Moderator; Beryllium Oxides; Configuration; Coolant Loops; Cylinders; Electricity; Fabrication; Fuel Elements; Gas Coolant; Gas Flow; Generators; Graphite Moderator; Heat Exchangers; Heat Transfer; Helium; High Temperature; Mechanical Structures; Moderators; Planning; Power Plants; Pressure; Reactor Core; Reactor Safety; Steam; Temperature; Thermal Neutrons; Turbines; Uranium; Uranium 235