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Title: High intensity, pulsed thermal neutron source

This invention relates to a high intensity, pulsed thermal neutron source comprising a neutron-producing source which emits pulses of fast neutrons, a moderator block adjacent to the last neutron source, a reflector block which encases the fast neutron source and the moderator block and has a thermal neutron exit port extending therethrough from the moderator block, and a neutron energy- dependent decoupling reflector liner covering the interior surfaces of the thermal neutron exit port and surrounding all surfaces of the moderator block except the surface viewed by the thermal neutron exit port. (Official Gazette)
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US 3778627
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Patent File Date: 1973 Apr 17; Other Information: G21g3/04. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-74
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United States
N47310* --Isotope & Radiation Source Technology--Radiation Sources--Design & Fabrication; *NEUTRON SOURCES-- DESIGN; PULSES; THERMAL NEUTRONS