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Title: Radioisotopic heat source

Disclosed is a radioisotopic heat source and method for a long life electrical generator. The source includes plutonium dioxide shards and yttrium or hafnium in a container of tantalum-tungsten-hafnium alloy, all being in a nickel alloy outer container, and subjected to heat treatment of from about 1570$sup 0$F to about 1720$sup 0$F for about one h. (auth)
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PAT-APPL-474,548.; US 3909617
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Patent File Date: 1974 May 30; Other Information: G21H5/00. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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Originating Research Org. not identified
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United States
N47200* --Isotope & Radiation Source Technology--Isotopic Power Sources; 070301* --Isotope & Radiation Source Technology--Isotopic Power Supplies--Design & Fabrication; *RADIOISOTOPE HEAT SOURCES-- DESIGN; *THERMOELECTRIC GENERATORS-- RADIOISOTOPE HEAT SOURCES; CAPSULES NESDPS Office of Nuclear Energy Space and Defense Power Systems