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Title: Use of instrumented charpy tests to determine onset of upper-shelf energy

The Charpy V-notch (C/sub v/) upper-shelf energy is usually defined as that temperature range in which the surface of the C/sub v/ specimen exhibits an appearance indicative of a 100 percent ductile fracture. In an attempt to avoid the need for interpretation, the selection of the C/sub v/ upper-shelf energy is based on the results from an instrumented impact test which provides a permanent record of the load-deflection history of a C/sub v/ specimen during the testing sequence. In the brittle-ductile transition temperature regime, a precipitous drop in the load trace occurs. The amount of the drop decreases at higher temperatures until it is zero, and the zero-drop-in-load temperature is identical to the onset of the C/sub v/ upper shelf. This relationship between the drop in load and energy in an instrumented impact test provides incontestable assurance that the C/sub v/ upper shelf has been obtained. This relationship between drop in load and temperature permits a prediction of the onset of the upper-shelf temperature with as few as two instrumented impact tests. It is also shown that nil-ductility temperature (NDT) (determined by the drop-weight test) is released to the C/sub v/ upper shelf. For the SA-508 Class 2 and SA-533more » Grade B Class 1 steels employed in the fabrication of pressure vessels for light-water reactors, C/sub v/ testing at NDT + 180$sup 0$F (100$sup 0$C) will provide upper-shelf energy values. (DLC)« less
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Technical Report
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Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn. (USA)
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United States
N50230* --Metals, Ceramics, & Other Materials--Metals & Alloys--Properties, Structure & Phase Studies; N42400 --Engineering--Materials Testing; 360103* --Materials--Metals & Alloys--Mechanical Properties; *CHARPY TEST; *STEEL-ASTM-A508-- CHARPY TEST; *STEEL-ASTM-A533-B-- CHARPY TEST; *STEELS-- CHARPY TEST; BRITTLE-DUCTILE TRANSITIONS; ENERGY; FRACTURES; IMPACT TESTS; NOTCHES; PRESSURE VESSELS; TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE