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Title: Energy absorber for sodium-heated heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is described in which water-carrying tubes are heated by liquid sodium and in which the results of accidental contact between the water and the sodium caused by failure of one or more of the water tubes is minimized. An energy absorbing chamber contains a compressible gas and is connected to the body of flowing sodium by a channel so that, in the event of a sodium-water reaction, products of the reaction will partially fill the energy absorbing chamber to attenuate the rise in pressure within the heat exchanger.
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PAT-APPL-356,879.; US 3924675
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Patent File Date: 1973 May 01; Other Information: F28f9/00. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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Originating Research Org. not identified
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United States
N77500* --Reactors--Power Reactors, Breeding; 210500* --Nuclear Power Plants--Power Reactors, Breeding; *HEAT EXCHANGERS; *LMFBR TYPE REACTORS-- HEAT EXCHANGERS; DESIGN; ENERGY ABSORPTION; KINETIC ENERGY; SAFETY; STEAM GENERATORS