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Title: Pipe gripper

A device for gripping the exterior surface of a pipe or rod is described which has a plurality of wedges, each having a concave face which engages the outer surface of the pipe and each having a smooth face opposing the concave face. The wedges are seated on and their grooved concave faces are maintained in circular alignment by tapered axial segments of an opening extending through a wedge-seating member. The wedges are allowed to slide across the tapered axial segments so that such a sliding movement acts to vary the diameter of the circular alignment.
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PAT-APPL-486,924.; US 3925874
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Patent File Date: 1974 Jul 01; Other Information: B23P19/02. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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Originating Research Org. not identified
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United States
N79200* --Reactors--Reactor Components & Accessories; 220200* --Nuclear Reactor Technology--Components & Accessories; *REACTOR COMPONENTS; DESIGN; GRABS; MACHINE PARTS; PIPES; REACTOR MAINTENANCE; TOOLS; TUBES