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Title: Metal atom oxidation laser

A chemical laser which operates by formation of metal or carbon atoms and reaction of such atoms with a gaseous oxidizer in an optical resonant cavity is described. The lasing species are diatomic or polyatomic in nature and are readily produced by exchange or other abstraction reactions between the metal or carbon atoms and the oxidizer. The lasing molecules may be metal or carbon monohalides or monoxides.
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PAT-APPL-469,737.; US 3916338
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Patent File Date: 1974 May 13; Other Information: H01S3/22; H01S3/095. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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United States
N42210* --Engineering--Facilities & Equipment--Lasers; 420300* --Engineering--Lasers; *CHEMICAL LASERS-- DESIGN; FLUORIDES; METALS; OXIDES