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Title: Superconductive microstrip exhibiting negative differential resistivity

A device capable of exhibiting negative differential electrical resistivity over a range of values of current and voltage is formed by vapor- depositing a thin layer of a material capable of exhibiting superconductivity on an insulating substrate, establishing electrical connections at opposite ends of the deposited strip, and cooling the alloy into its superconducting range. The device will exhibit negative differential resistivity when biased in the current- induced resistive state.
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PAT-APPL-470,898.; US 3916432
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Patent File Date: 1974 May 17; Other Information: H01L29/66. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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Originating Research Org. not identified
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United States
N42220* --Engineering--Facilities & Equipment--Cryogenic & Superconducting Equipment & Devices; 420201* --Engineering--Facilities & Equipment--Cryogenic & Superconducting Equipment & Devices; *SUPERCONDUCTING FILMS-- FABRICATION; BISMUTH ALLOYS; CONNECTORS; LEAD ALLOYS; SUBSTRATES; VAPOR DEPOSITED COATINGS