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Title: Tissue irradiator

A tissue irradiator is provided for the in-vivo irradiation of body tissue. The irradiator comprises a radiation source material contained and completely encapsulated within vitreous carbon. An embodiment for use as an in- vivo blood irradiator comprises a cylindrical body having an axial bore therethrough. A radioisotope is contained within a first portion of vitreous carbon cylindrically surrounding the axial bore, and a containment portion of vitreous carbon surrounds the radioisotope containing portion, the two portions of vitreous carbon being integrally formed as a single unit. Connecting means are provided at each end of the cylindrical body to permit connections to blood- carrying vessels and to provide for passage of blood through the bore. In a preferred embodiment, the radioisotope is thulium-170 which is present in the irradiator in the form of thulium oxide. A method of producing the preferred blood irradiator is also provided, whereby nonradioactive thulium-169 is dispersed within a polyfurfuryl alcohol resin which is carbonized and fired to form the integral vitreous carbon body and the device is activated by neutron bombardment of the thulium-169 to produce the beta-emitting thulium-170.
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PAT-APPL-487,327.; US 3927325
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Patent File Date: 1974 Jul 10; Other Information: A61N5/12; G01N21/24; G21G4/00. Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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N47310* --Isotope & Radiation Source Technology--Radiation Sources--Design & Fabrication; 070201* --Isotope & Radiation Source Technology--Radiation Sources--Design & Fabrication; *RADIATION SOURCE IMPLANTS-- DESIGN; BLOOD; IN VIVO; RADIOTHERAPY; THULIUM 170; TISSUES