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Title: Luminescence dynamics and {sup 13}C NMR characteristics of dinuclear complexes exhibiting coupled lanthanide(III) cation pairs

Luminescence and cross-polarization magic angle spinning (CP-MAS) {sup 13}C NMR properties of lanthanide dinuclear macrocyclic complexes of a compartmental Schiff base chelate (1) derived from the condensation of 2,6-diformyl-p-cresol and 3,6-dioxa-1,8-octanediamine are reported. The Schiff base chromophore in 1 is a strong light absorber and an efficient sensitizer for intense Tb{sup 3+}({sup 5}D{sub 4}) and Eu{sup 3+}({sup 5}D{sub 0})(T < 110 K ) emission which does not exhibit self-quenching effects. Emission from Tb{sup 3+} is sensitized by the ligand singlet state; in striking contrast, Eu{sup 3+} emission is sensitized by the triplet state and reveals an unusual nonradiative quenching process at T > 110 K with a thermal barrier of {approx} 2300 cm{sup {minus}1}. Weak emission is observed from Dy{sup 3+}({sup 4}F{sub 9/2}), Sm{sup 3+}({sup 4}G{sub 5/2}), and Pr{sup 3+}({sup 1}D{sub 2}) diluted in Gd{sup 3+} (i.e., from Gd{sup 3+}-Ln{sup 3+} heteropairs, Ln = Pr, Sm, Dy). Intramolecular metal-metal (Ln-Ln = 4 {Angstrom}) interactions account for the greatly quenched emission from Sm{sup 3+}-Sm{sup 3+} and Dy{sup 3+}-Dy{sup 3+} homopairs compared to Gd{sup 3+}-Ln heteropairs (Ln = Sm, Dy). Gd{sup 3+}-Ln{sup 3+} emission lifetimes at 77 K are 1610 (Tb{sup 3+}), 890 (Eu{sup 3+}), 14 (Dy{sup 3+}) and {approx} 13 {mu}smore » (Sm{sup 3+}). Nonradiative relaxation processes at 77 K in dilute Ln{sup 3+}:Gd{sub 2}1(NO{sub 3}){sub 4}{center_dot}H{sub 2}O, being temperature independent for Sm{sup 3+} and Eu{sup 3+} but temperature dependent for Tb{sup 3+}, follow the energy gap law with {alpha} {approx} - 10{sup {minus}3} cm and B {approx} 2 x 10{sup 8} s{sup {minus}1}. CP-MAS data show paramagnetic broadening of {sup 13}C resonances which increases with the magnetic moment of Ln{sup 3+}. Surprisingly, no significant shifts in resonance positions corresponding to the changing nature of paramagnetic Ln{sup 3+} ions are observed. 43 refs., 8 figs., 2 tabs.« less
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  1. Univ. of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston (Jamaica) [and others
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Journal Name: Journal of Physical Chemistry; Journal Volume: 96; Journal Issue: 17; Other Information: PBD: 20 Aug 1992
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