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Title: WISEP J061135.13–041024.0 AB: A J-band flux reversal binary at the L/T transition

We present Keck II laser guide star adaptive optics observations of the brown dwarf WISEP J061135.13–041024.0 showing it is a binary with a component separation of 0.''4. This system is one of the six known resolved binaries in which the magnitude differences between the components show a reversal in sign between the Y/J band and the H/K bands. Deconvolution of the composite spectrum results in a best-fit binary solution with L9 and T1.5 components. We also present a preliminary parallax placing the system at a distance of 21.2 ± 1.3 pc. Using the distance and resolved magnitudes we are able to place WISEP J061135.13–041024.0 AB on a color-absolute magnitude diagram, showing that this system contributes to the well-known 'J-band bump' and the components' properties appear similar to other late-type L and early-type T dwarfs. Fitting our data to a set of cloudy atmosphere models suggests the system has an age >1 Gyr with WISE 0611–0410 A having an effective temperature (T {sub eff}) of 1275-1325 K and mass of 64-65 M {sub Jup}, and WISE 0611–0410 B having T {sub eff} = 1075-1115 K and mass 40-65 M {sub Jup}.
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Journal Name: Astronomical Journal (New York, N.Y. Online); Journal Volume: 148; Journal Issue: 1; Other Information: Country of input: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
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