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Title: Geologic Sequestration Software Suite

GS3 is the bundling of the Geological Sequestration Software Suite domain tools with the Velo wiki user interface, rich client interface, and data store. Velo is an application domain independent collaborative user environment for modeling and simulation. Velo has a web browser based wiki interface integrated with a sophisticated content management system supporting data and knowledge management required for large-scale scientific modeling projects. GS3 adds tools and capability specifically in the area of modeling subsurface reservoirs for the purpose of carbon sequestration. Velo is a core software framework to create scientific domain user environments. Velo is not tied to a specific domain although it provides novel capability needed by many application areas. A well-defined Velo integration layer allows custom applications such as GS3 to leverage the core Velo components to reduce development cost/time and ultimately provide a more capable software product. Compared with previous efforts like ECCE and SALSSA, Velo is a major advancement being a web browser based interface, having a more comprehensive data management architecture, and having intrinsic support for collaboration through the wiki. GS3 adds specific domain tools for looking at site data, developing conceptual and numerical models, building simulation input files, launching and monitoring the progressmore » of those simulations and being able to look at and interpret simulation output.« less
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GS3; 002925WKSTN00
R&D Project: LDRD; IPID 30382-E
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Executable Module(s); / 1 CD-ROM
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Available through PNNL Technology Commercialization Office
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Server: Mediawiki, Semantic Mediawiki, Alfresco, ActiveMQ
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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United States

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