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Title: Kinetic modeling of the formation and growth of inorganic nano-particles during pulverized coal char combustion in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 atmospheres

In this formation of nano-particles during coal char combustion, the vaporization of inorganic components in char and the subsequent homogeneous particle nucleation, heterogeneous condensation, coagulation, and coalescence play decisive roles. Furthermore, conventional measurements cannot provide detailed information on the dynamics of nano-particle formation and evolution, In this study, a sophisticated intrinsic char kinetics model that considers ash effects (including ash film formation, ash dilution, and ash vaporization acting in tandem), both oxidation and gasification by CO2 and H2O, homogeneous particle nucleation, heterogeneous vapor condensation, coagulation, and and coalescence mechanisms is developed and used to compare the temporal evolution of the number and size of nano-particles during coal char particle combustion as a function of char particle size, ash content, and oxygen content in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 atmospheres .
 [1] ;  [2] ;  [3] ;  [2]
  1. Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States)
  2. Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., Xi'an (China)
  3. Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., Shaanxi (China)
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Journal ID: ISSN 0010-2180; PII: S0010218016302322; TRN: US1700151
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Accepted Manuscript
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Combustion and Flame
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Journal Volume: 173; Journal ID: ISSN 0010-2180
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Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States)
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USDOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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United States
01 COAL, LIGNITE, AND PEAT coal char combustion; nano-particle; vaporization; nucleation and condensation; coalescence; kinetic model