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Title: IAIMFAST: Alignment Implementation for Manufacturing

AIMFAST is a software code used to align facets on a dish concentrator to a specific aimpoint strategy to minimize peak fluxes and maximize system optical performance. AIM FAST uses a large monitor to display fringe patterns, and a machine vision camera to image the reflection of these patterns in the subject dish mirrors. From these images, a detailed map of surface normals can be generated and compared to design or fitted mirror shapes. This fitted comparison is then used to develop a single vector representing the orientation of the facets relative to the design orientation, and provide near-real-time adjustment information to a communicating computer. The communicating computer can display adjustments or directly interface with adjustment tools.
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes User Guide; Executable Module(s); Installation Instructions;
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This version supersedes version 2011.4.20, and provides support for many common dish configurations as a user-defined dish geometry.
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Sandia National Laboratories
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United States

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