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Title: Mesoscale Design of Magnetoelectric Nanocomposites

This is a final report for a transient program that was issued to Virginia Tech as a new program (DE-SC0001450), rather than as a renewal to our existing program (DE-FG02-06ER46290). The renewal proposal was submitted in November 2014, but because of confusion in the negotiations got issued as a new program. Subsequently, a correction was made where the new program (DE-SC0001450) was terminated, and a renewal to the existing program (DE-FG02-06ER46290) issued. About $8,000 was expended on the new program before the mistake was discovered, and actions begun to correct it. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech issued a ‘Letter of Guarantee’ to the University to continue work while the issues were sorted out. The renewal proposal (DE-FG02-06ER46290) that was eventually funded was the same one as the new proposal (DE-SC0001450) that was initially funded. The $8,000 expended on the new proposal was subtracted from the eventual amount given in the renewal proposal. Here, we submit the final report for this new program (DE-SC0001450) that was terminated. Since the Statement of Work was identical to the renewal proposal (DE-FG02-06ER46290), we submit to you as the final report for the new program (DE-SC0001450) the same information thatmore » we submitted as our annual report for DE-FG02-06ER46290 that was submitted to the program manager (Refik Kortan) in June 2016.« less
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  1. Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States)
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Technical Report
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Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
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United States