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Title: Test Data Monitor

The National Security Campus (NSC) collects a large amount of test data used The National Security Campus (NSC) collects a large amount of test data used to accept high value and high rigor product. The data has been used historically to support root cause analysis when anomalies are detected in down-stream processes. The opportunity to use the data for predictive failure analysis however, had never been exploited. The primary goal of the Test Data Monitor (TDM) software is to provide automated capabilities to analyze data in near-real-time and report trends that foreshadow actual product failures. To date, the aerospace industry as a whole is challenged at utilizing collected data to the degree that modern technology allows. As a result of the innovation behind TDM, Honeywell is able to monitor millions of data points through a multitude of SPC algorithms continuously and autonomously so that our personnel resources can more efficiently and accurately direct their attention to suspect processes or features. TDM’s capabilities have been recognized by our U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) sponsor for potential use at other sites within the NNSA. This activity supports multiple initiatives including expectations of the NNSA and broader corporate goalsmore » that center around data-based quality controls on production.« less
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TDM; 004867IBMPC00
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SQL Server 2012
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Kansas City Plant (KCP), Kansas City, MO (United States)
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Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies
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United States

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