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Title: International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN) Database v3-1

The ISCN is an international scientific community devoted to the advancement of soil carbon research. The ISCN manages an open-access, community-driven soil carbon database. This is version 3-1 of the ISCN Database, released in December 2015. It gathers 38 separate dataset contributions, totalling 67,112 sites with data from 71,198 soil profiles and 431,324 soil layers. For more information about the ISCN, its scientific community and resources, data policies and partner networks visit:
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  1. University of Michigan
  2. USDA-Forest Service
  3. Microsoft Research
  4. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  5. University of Virginia
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Specialized Mix
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International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN)
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US Department of Agriculture (Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Institute of Food and Agriculture); USGS; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
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