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Title: Reliable Communication Models in Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Networks

Modern critical infrastructure networks are becoming increasingly interdependent where the failures in one network may cascade to other dependent networks, causing severe widespread national-scale failures. A number of previous efforts have been made to analyze the resiliency and robustness of interdependent networks based on different models. However, communication network, which plays an important role in today's infrastructures to detect and handle failures, has attracted little attention in the interdependency studies, and no previous models have captured enough practical features in the critical infrastructure networks. In this paper, we study the interdependencies between communication network and other kinds of critical infrastructure networks with an aim to identify vulnerable components and design resilient communication networks. We propose several interdependency models that systematically capture various features and dynamics of failures spreading in critical infrastructure networks. We also discuss several research challenges in building reliable communication solutions to handle failures in these models.
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Conference: Resilience Week 2016, Chicago, IL, USA, 20160816, 20160818
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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ORNL LDRD Director's R&D; ORNL work for others
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United States