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Title: Improving Data Transfer Throughput with Direct Search Optimization

Improving data transfer throughput over high-speed long-distance networks has become increasingly difficult. Numerous factors such as nondeterministic congestion, dynamics of the transfer protocol, and multiuser and multitask source and destination endpoints, as well as interactions among these factors, contribute to this difficulty. A promising approach to improving throughput consists in using parallel streams at the application layer.We formulate and solve the problem of choosing the number of such streams from a mathematical optimization perspective. We propose the use of direct search methods, a class of easy-to-implement and light-weight mathematical optimization algorithms, to improve the performance of data transfers by dynamically adapting the number of parallel streams in a manner that does not require domain expertise, instrumentation, analytical models, or historic data. We apply our method to transfers performed with the GridFTP protocol, and illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm when used within Globus, a state-of-the-art data transfer tool, on productionWAN links and servers. We show that when compared to user default settings our direct search methods can achieve up to 10x performance improvement under certain conditions. We also show that our method can overcome performance degradation due to external compute and network load on source end points, a commonmore » scenario at high performance computing facilities.« less
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Conference: 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing, 08/16/16 - 08/19/16, Philadelphia, PA, US
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
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USDOE Office of Science - Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research
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United States